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Frustrated With Social Media? Check Out These 5 Online Tools To Help

Starting a business is difficult in itself without having to worry about marketing and social media. When I started my company in 2017, I was not familiar with all of the online resources out there. Though there are new tools being developed each day, I want to share the top 5 that have been my trusted go-to's to help me manage my content and get better organized.

  1. Sendible. I have been using this for a while now and I absolutely love it! There are several things you can do with this platform:

•Post on several social platforms simultaneously.

•Manage and build reports.

•Obtain key word and content suggestions.

•Manage your social media calendar.

•Allow team members to collaborate on content.

•Schedule posts ahead of time.

2. Publer. This is another scheduling tool; however, I use the free version because I don't use

all of its features. Pricing for this platform is reasonable considering its many capabilities. You can do basically the same thing with Publer as you do with Sendible. It does allow for publishing to TikTok; whereas, Sendible does not. The one drawback for me is that it does not offer a mobile app. Again, it's a great tool to do everything you need.

3. Canva. If you've not heard of this design program by now, you must be living under a

rock. Okay, maybe you've just been too busy or didn't know where to look. If you are not a

fan of Adobe, this is the platform for you. I have used Adobe and appreciate the many

wonderful things it can do, but Canva is more practical and user-friendly, in my opinion.

They have a free plan or you can purchase a plan that would include more storage, a

scheduling tool, and 24/7 support, depending on which plan you choose.

4. Picmonkey. Another good design tool is Picmonkey. They offer a free version as well as paid.

This is a great online editing and designing platform. I use Picmonkey to do most of my

photo edits. Need to erase smudges or have a hair out of place? This is the program to use.

It's very easy to use and they offer how-to videos for almost any of your editing questions.

If you choose the paid plan, you have several different editing options and creative features

at your fingertips.

5. Invideo. I have to include at least one online video making platform. This is a great platform

to make quick videos. They have a plethora of stock photos or use your own, audio,

editing, animation, and more. Oh! The best part? They now have a mobile app!

There is a free trial period and then you can choose your plan. The basic plan is $15.00 per

month, which is reasonable for what you are getting.

Photo by Elias Lobos on Unsplash

As I mentioned previously, there are a lot of new online tools that are becoming available each day. These are just a few that can help you develop your social media strategy and make posting on your platforms and marketing your brand easier.

Social media and digital marketing does not have to be stressful. Find the right tools and resources and start planning your strategy.


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