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Combining Faith and Business? You Can Do It Without Compromising on Either Side.

Maintaining your integrity and ethics in business does not have to be a hard thing. However, it can be tricky when you deal with clients who may not have the same value system as you do. So how do you combine the two without losing your standards or compromising a business relationship? Here are a few suggestions to help you maneuver through difficult situations.

  1. Know your core values and principles. If you don't know what you believe, then it will cause conflict with clients. You can't believe one thing one minute and change your mind the next minute.

  2. Keep a right attitude. Your attitude towards clients is important regardless of your personal belief system. You don't need to "show off" your faith. As a Christian, you life should reflect my value system: kindness, respect, love.

  3. Respect others. In business, personal feelings should be put aside, even if you disagree with someone. Before you accept a position or sign a contract for services, make sure you understand the terms and that they do not go against your personal convictions. That misunderstanding would be on you and not the one who hired you. You can respectfully decline if you feel that it would compromise your values or beliefs.

  4. Don't compromise. In a world where everything is for sale, and values and convictions seem like a thing of the past, don't back down. If you feel uncomfortable with something, make your concerns known. You also have to think about what you will give up by compromising on your values and principles. There will always be opportunities for other business so don't forfeit your peace of mind for monetary gain.

Finding a balance in your work and keeping true to your values and beliefs will help you find fulfillment in your career as well as gain respect from your colleagues, clients, and co-workers.


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