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She finds true joy in helping others become successful

Kathy Mahurin

Lee maintains and updates our social media regularly with creative, useful posts that have exceeded our expectations. We are impressed that she finds information about our industry without much direction. She is a genuine person with a high level of energy. She finds true joy in helping others become successful.

There is no comparison. Other companies take your money, do a little work and then you have to continue to follow-up and follow-up.


Timely and Responsive

Erin Slevin

Lee is very timely in responding to our needs and requests. Much appreciated!

Reach out to us for a demo

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Professional with Good Business Instincts

Scott Rollett - Chief Operating Officer at Windrose Health Network

Lee is very professional. She manages our Social Media platforms with minimal oversight and chooses appropriate and seasonal topics (e.g. Flu Shots, Sports Physicals). Further, she has good ideas and is very creative in coming up with ways to better engage our patients and our followers. She stays abreast of the latest trends and platforms in Social Media as well as what others are doing and how well that might translate to our business. We have been very pleased with her work.

We have not worked with other Social Media companies before but we did try to "grow our own" internal social media person several times. Each time, it did not work out well. I found it difficult to convey what the appropriate balance of advocacy, professionalism, education, and self-promotion is for a not-for-profit healthcare business such as ours. Somehow, I was not able to do so without constantly monitoring the work they were doing and the material they were posting for us - - which is not something that I have time to do. I never worry about this with Purple Sparrow. She always chooses appropriate material and posts and if there is ever any doubt about whether something is appropriate or not, she asks first. In short, Lee is very easy to work with and has good professional judgment and good business instincts.

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