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Lack of Content Overwhelming You? Look No Further

Managing social media can be frustrating at times, especially trying to find content to fill each day. If you are a small business, it can be even more overwhelming, especially when your time is limited. However, sometimes, you just need a spark of creativity and some ideas to get you started. Most of the time, you just need someone to push you in the right direction.

Don’t stress!! Here are a few ideas to get you started on your way to being social media gurus. Of course, don’t limit yourself. Remember, you will learn what works with your audience as you continue to publish content.   

  • Share events. If you have a contest within your company or organization, post it!! Are you part of a local community initiative? Post it!! This is also a great way to network with like-minded organizations and/or people.  

  • “Pictures are worth a thousand words!” That’s especially true in the social world, too. People enjoy pictures and videos. You know those events you advertise? Have someone take pictures and post them. (A word of caution, though. If it is a public event, you are usually free to take pictures. However, at private events, you may need to have guests sign a release form to take and post their picture.)

  • You can also do a “repeat” each week of a certain type of post. For example, for one of my clients, we feature “Motivation Monday” and offer an inspirational or funny quote. “Throwback Thursday” is also a fun way of getting others engaged. Find those old pictures and share away!!

  • Educate your audience. Do you offer a certain service or product? Share it with others and give a detailed description of what it is and how they can obtain it. Make it interesting.

  • Recognize someone in your organization that has accomplished something outstanding. Do you have an employee or team member that has excelled in sales? Maybe they’ve acquired a certificate in their industry? Let others know by posting their accomplishment as well as a picture.

Check out pages of other companies and organizations and see they are sharing. This can sometimes ignite an idea in your mind for a great post on your page and give you a fresh perspective.

These are just a few ideas to take the frustration out of posting each day. Make it fun, not only for you but for your audience. Make it interesting. Make it educational. Once you start sharing content, the ideas will flow.


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